As a reflective practitioner I believe it is important to constantly refresh and reflect on my own abilities and build on my knowledge. As such continued personal development is important to my counselling. 

Certificate Links 


BACP Accreditation

CBT Diploma

BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Counselling

Please see below a list of training and qualifications undertaken: –

June 2020

Working with bereavement and complex grief – BACP

June 2020

Psychological First Aid – Public Health England

May 2020

Screening and Structured Interviewing – Noreen Tehrani – NTAPS Ltd

May 2020

Dealing with Distress: Working with suicide and self-harm– Carolyn Spring

May 2020

Dealing with Distress: Working with suicide and self-harm – Carolyn Spring

May 2020

Self Care – BACP

April 2020

How to do counselling online: a coronavirus
primer – OU & BACP

April 2020

Trauma Response Network Online EMDR & Microsoft Teams

April 2020

Moving your practice online – a brief course for counsellors, psychotherapists and mental health practitioners
Covid 19 Telehealth course Cohort 2 – Online Therapy Institute

March 2020

Interview around counselling online – Dr. Stephen Goss

March 2020

Suicide Prevention online conference – Mental Health Academy

March 2020

Personal Growth for the counselling Community – Dr. Peter Martin

Feb 2020

Fear and Love in Supervision – Robin Shohet

Feb 2020

Healing from the Bottom up – Peter Levine

Feb 2020

Safeguarding Supervision – PSCB

Nov 2019

PARCS, Domestic Abuse Training

Oct 2019

Basic Safeguarding Training – PSCB

Oct 2019

EMDR Part 4

Oct 2019

NT Associates, Trauma Focused CBT

Sept 2019

PARCS, Autism

July 2019

EMDR Part 3

June 2019

Young People 18-25 perspective – Nicholas Barwick

April 2019

First Aid at Work

April 2019

EMDR Part 2

March 2019

Lime Culture – Accreditation Workshop

Feb 2019

EMDR Part 1

Jan 2019

Relational Change Supervision – Diploma

Nov 2018

PARCS, CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection) Training

Nov 2018

Graham Music, Trauma, the body and the nervous system – Implication for Therapy

May 2018

Relational Change Supervision – Certificate

Dec 2017 – May 2018

PODS Trauma and The Body 

Sept 2017

PARCS Working with people who self harm

May 2017

PARCS Working with Sexual Issues with survivors of Sexual Abuse 

Feb 2017

BACP Accreditation Achieved

Feb 2017

PARCS, Difference & Diversity – Beyond the Binary

Feb 2017

Portsmouth Safeguarding Childrens Board, Safeguarding

Dec 2016 – Jan 2017

Centre of Excellence, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Diploma

November 2016

PARCS, Working with Trauma & Body

November 2016

Nina Burrowes, Sex and intimacy after sexual abuse

July 2016

PARCS, You remind me of someone I used to Know

March 2016

Ali Lambie, Introduction to Mindfulness

April 2015

PARCS, Assessment Training

April 2015

HACP, The Psychology of Spirituality

March 2015

BACP, OCTIA Webcast Conference

February 2015

HACP, Somatic Psychotherapy

January 2015

PARCS, Assessment Training

November 2014

Belgarum Counselling, Mental Health Drugs Talk

May 2014

HACP, Using Metaphor in the counselling room

March 2014

Online, ACT Skills Training – Introduction 

December 2013

PARCS, Respond – Working with People with LD

June 2013

BACP Certificate of Proficiency

April 2013

PARCS, Time Limited Counselling

March 2013

PARCS, Supervision & Self

March 2013

PARCS, Ethics Law

March 2013

PARCS, Boundaries

February 2013

HACP (Augusta Wolff), Living with Evil

May 2012

CRUSE, Taurmatic Stress Management

February 2012

RELATE, Dream Workshop

June 2011

Univ Portsmouth, Adolescent Lives and Suicidal Feelings 

April 2011

Marple Cross, “Its Not me Its my OCD”

March 2011

CIS’ters, Protecting and working with Sexualised Children 

February 2011

HACP, Working with endings 

October 2010

PARCS, Transference and counter transference

July 2010

PARCS, Working with trauma Part 2

July 2010

PARCS, Working with trauma Part 1

June 2010

HACP, Effects of Sexual Abuse/violation on Sexuality

May 2010

Family of Origin

February 2010

Clients Addicted to Porn on Net 

November 2007 – 2009

South Downs College, BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Counselling

November 2008

PARCS, Sexuality

October 2008

PARCS, Shame

September 2008

PARCS, Working with Psychological Trauma

July 2008

PARCS, Working with Emotions

May 2008

PARCS, Attachment Theory


South Downs College, Certificate NCFE Level 3 Counselling


South Downs College, Certificate NCFE Level 2 Counselling


Portsmouth College, Certificate in First Steps to Counselling

*updated June 2020